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Three-tier locker


Protect All Employees with Office Lockers
One sign of a top-quality organization is a neat, professional-looking employee locker room. Employee lockers show your employees that you care about their peace of mind. Metal lockers, when used with security locks, allow your employees to rest assured that their valuables are safe while they work.
Advantages of Our Office Lockers:
Benefit for all employees Improved employee morale Space saving design minimizes clutter in common areas Shipped assembled for convenience or unassembled for maximum cost savings Optional locks that can be controlled by a supervisor's Master Security key Office Lockers Protect You and Your Employees
Protect yourself and your employees .Your liability can be minimized for your employee's belongings if you give them a secure place to lock them up. Our Office lockers are great for workplaces where employees have untraditional workspaces such as factories, schools, or restaurants. An organized steel locker is perfect in an employee locker room.
We Have Many Sizes and Styles of Employee Lockers:
One tier Two tier Three tier Four tier Five tier Six tier 16-person locker rack that incorporates a coat rod Steel locker styles that can allow for coat hanger usage Our employee lockers can be adapted to create a solution for whatever space is available. Contact us for information on how to create a locker solution for your space. We offer free design service and are happy to share our 23+ years of experience to assist you with your selection.

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